marți, 27 decembrie 2011

World X Gaming Fun Private Server 3.3.5

To play on worldXgaming private server you will need to have patch 3.3.5a and Create Account Here.
Before you start having fun with us , please delete your Cache folder, and set your realmlist:
set realmlist
For ones who have issues regarding our custom weapons please locate on your engb/enus folders from your pre installed world of warcraft game for any custom patches that do NOT belong to the original game.
Our server is PVP based with one unique realm at this time. We will add more realms soon!
To support server you can VOTE HERE and get your rewards after getting points!

WorldXGaming is a newly created wow private server running patch 3.3.5a wotlk.
Entering our world of warcraft server can cause much addiction because of the special custom items.
We are the first server to create such custom items, having scripted instances, custom drops, custom events.
If you are looking for a PVP/PVE based wow server then this is a good place to start playing and having fun.

Lots of events have being done, many players are happy!
We made Arena Season 10 for free, Custom Weapons obtainable with Honor, Armor gear with arena points, Marvel Gear by quests and votes, and much more.
Custom bosses will be world spawned soon having wonderful custom drops with chances to drop from 2% - 20% .
Make sure you visit us as much as you can. Events are not scheduled, so you would have to stay online each day for few hours to benefit of our rewards.

When we achieve at least 200 players online we will add to everyone 1000 credits to spend on powerful Marvel Gear. 1 Wxg Coin = 40 Credits. With 1000 credits you can get 25 coins!

Thank you for playing WorldXGaming private wow server 3.3.5a

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